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Kapiti Wedding at The Milk Station Otaki

Emma & Tim

The Milk Station in Otaki is one of my absolute favourite venues.  So close to Wellington and yet just far enough to be a peaceful get away.  And only 10 minutes from Otaki Beach.
Emma and Tim chose The Milk Station as it's a special place for them, having been instrumental in their meeting when they had both worked there.

Getting ready - the excitement builds

The Chapel at The Milk Station is a beautifully private place to get ready with your besties.  Its calm ambience surrounded by greenery gives you an oasis to both calm and celebrate all the pre wedding excitement and nerves.  

1st Look

I love 1st Looks.  It's one of the most precious moments of the day when you get to see each other for the first time all dressed up and, most importantly, spend a few quiet moments together.

It's quite possibly the only time you'll actually spend alone together until you collapse at the end of the night.

Emma & Tim chose to do their 1st Look in the Atrium at The Milk Station.  This beautifully peaceful spot gave them privacy to enjoy the moment together.  Tim also organised a special tasting of a drink he made and their fur baby joined the party for a few quiet moments.

The I Dos

And just at the right moment the rain stopped and the sun shone through

The Bridal Party aka support crew, fun makers

The moments when your besties shine and you all have a good laugh.  For Emma and Tim this was also the moment that the torrential rain of the morning stopped and the sun came through about 20 minutues before the ceremony.  Big smiles all round.

All the Special People

All your besties together. 

Golden Hour Otaki Beach

One of the most glorious time of your day.  That golden hour just before sunset and a few precious moments alone.

Kapiti Wedding The Milk Station Otaki Stagebox Photography

Party Party

And then it's time for the exquisite dinner by Sarah Searanke Catering at the glorious Milk Station followed by party, party, party!

Kapiti Wedding The Milk Station Otaki Stagebox Photography
Kapiti Wedding The Milk Station Otaki Stagebox Photography

What they said

"Oh Celia, we have laughed and cried (happy tears)! It is simply the most stunning collection. 

You have just exceeded all expectations.  We are so utterly grateful it is difficult to put into words.  

Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!
They are just perfect. 

I will certainly be ordering some prints soon".

Emma and Tim xxx

Who's Who

Venue: The Milk Station Otaki 

Photography: Celia @ Stagebox Photography

Caterer: Sarah Searanke

Makeup: Aimee Renee @makeupbyaimeerenee

Celebrant: Emma's Godmother

Music: Shaun Preston 

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