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Landscape Photography Workshop

7 & 8 September 2024

Bannockburn, Central Otago

Landscape Photography Workshop

7 & 8 September 2024

11am-6.30pm & 6am-3pm

Bannockburn, Central Otago

With pro photographer, Celia Walmsley, Stagebox Photography

This workshop is about

Stepping up your Landscape photography

Creating dramatic Landscape images you're proud to put on the wall!

Editing your landscape photos to make them pop

So that you are proud to share your images and put them on the wall because the skill is in the taking, the magic is in the editing

Who it is For

  • Beyond-beginner and intermediate photography enthusiasts 
    with a DSLR, mirrorless camera or camera with manual & semi auto controls
    who want to take their photography up a level
  • Attendees of Everyone's a Photographer Level 1 & 2 workshops 
  • Photography enthusiasts who can use their camera in semi auto (Aperture Priority & Shutter Priority) or manual mode

    NB: This workshop is not about cell phone photos or cameras with no manual features

Workshop Investment

$295 per person

(Yes Student Discount Available)
Small group learning so book early

What We Cover

The order in which we cover topics depends on weather and the group 

Day 1

  • what is Landscape photography? 
  • types of images included
  • distant vs mid range vs close up images
  • composition - rule of thirds, leading lines & visual separation
  • visual cliches - when to break
  • identifying your subject & creating your focal point 
  • framing in-camera
  • about landscape photography - Landscape as God, Symbol, Fact, Pure Form, Popular Culture, Politics & Propaganda
  • style examples
  • what makes a Landscape image stand out?
  • light - flat light vs high contrast light 
  • best times of day 
  • exposure camera settings - when to use Manual, Aperture Priority and Shutter Speed (Time) Priority 
  • getting sharp focus - AF Auto Focus modes 
  • single focus point vs multi focus points
  • creating that milky water look
  • lenses for landscape photography
  • RAW vs jpg
  • white balance - changing the overall colour tone and mood
  • Day 1 afternoon - we head out for golden hour (one hour before sunset) to create a variety of Landscape images 
    • you'll have specific tasks to focus and practice your skills in the field in different locations and lights
    • you'll produce a range of golden hour images with different subjects, styles, focal lengths and looks 

Day 2

  • Day 2 morning early - we meet in the field for sunrise and the blue hour (the hour after sunrise) to create a variety of Landscape images 
    • you receive specific tasks to practice your skills in different locations and lights
    • you will produce a range of blue hour images with different subjects, styles, focal lengths and looks 
  • dealing with challenging situations and using them to your advantage e.g. wind, rain, dull flat light
  • when to give up and go home
  • creative landscape photography ideas
  • constructs - adding elements to your landscapes e.g. people, objects, props
  • other gear - tripods, ND filters
  • we then return to the Hall to review images and cover the following topics
  • exploring depth and meaning
  • analysing your images 
  • downloading your images
  • learning to 'look' and to give and receive constructive critique to improve your images
  • editing your favourite landscape of the weekend (we focus on one favourite each)
    • Exposure
    • White Balance
    • Crop & straighten
    • Contrast - putting punch in your images
    • Tone
    • HSL, Hue, Saturation & Luminance
    • Sharpening
    • Exporting for print or sharing
  • Please note this is not a full in depth Editing tutorial but focuses on editing your favourite image to produce a Landscape you're proud of
  • Don't worry if you don't have editing software I will edit your favourite image as I demonstrate
  • You will leave with one favourite Landscape image from the weekend that you will be proud to share or put on the wall

What you'll achieve

  • More advanced skills to improve your photography
  • A boost in confidence 
  • Eye catching landscapes you'll want to share and and put on the wall
  • You will leave with one favourite Landscape image finished and ready to share or put on the wall
Cost: $295 per person
7 & 8 September 2024
Bannockburn, Central Otago
Time: 11am-6.30pm & 6am-3pm

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What You'll Receive

Full-2 day weekend workshop
Comprehensive workbook
Practical, challenging exercises in the dramatic Central Otago landscape
Experienced tuition from professional photographer, Celia Walmsley Learning in a small group (usually 8-10 people)
Personal attention
Loads of fun and laughs

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