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Portrait Photography

A portrait is a thoughtful, stylised or natural projection of who you are.

Portrait Photography

A portrait is more than a headshot.  It is a special and thoughtful expression and projection of who you are.

Whether it’s a personal dream, a gift for someone else or yourself or a work of art for the wall, the same holds true - a portrait tells a unique story of you.  Portraits also become treasured pieces.

Portraits taken in the photographic studio offer you a myriad of stylised options from simple classic to elborate narrative constructs.

Portraits taken outdoors in nature can range from light country style in your garden to adventures on mountains and forest. 

Studio portraits take more time and equipment, which is reflected in the price.  The great thing is that they are not weather dependent.

Thinking about the story you want to tell...

You can choose to have your portrait taken in:
In my photographic studio
with studio lights and backdrop

On a street or cityscape, in your garden, at a park, in the city, in nature, on a mountain, on the beach, in the bush.  A outdoor location that has meaning or style to you

In the place where you are most creative
Your home, kitchen, studio, work place, potting shed, workshop or boat

Let's go!

We can create any look or story you dream of - natural beauty, rural life, cottage core, vintage, glamour, 'cover girl', masculine, theatrical, film noir through to golden age of Hollywood, your very best you. 

We are limited only by our imagination.  Let the dream begin.

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