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Learn Your Camera Workshop Central Otago

Learn how to use your good camera rather than your phone in two days! Yes just two days!

If you have a ‘proper’ camera that you don’t know how to use, you’ll know that feeling of frustration when you try to take a great photo with it only to find your phone is easier.

You didn’t spend all that money for your beautiful camera to sit in its box.  But it’s overwhelming to learn to get to grips with it – right?

Wouldn’t you love to understand what all those buttons do and use them to create stunning photos of the people and things you love?

Well you can learn quickly and easily, with me!

And have lots of fun along the way.

Landscape Photography Workshop


Take the same Landscape photos again and again?

Want to make your Landscapes more dramatic? 

Want to move your Landscape photography skills up a level?

Want to create wall worthy art work?

Then this Landscape Photography Workshop is for you!

One-on-One Photography tuition

Got specific questions or things you want to learn about your photography?  Know the basics but stuck at a point with your photography? Want to focus on just what you need?

Then a One-on-One with me will give you the answers you need right now and get you flying forward in your photography.  

I tailor the session exactly for you. 

Photo Editing Workshop

Got lots of photos that are OK but could be great? Have Dark Sky photos that need editing to see clearly? Compare your photos with images online and wish yours would pop too? Want your photos to wow?

Want to be proud to share your photos or create wall art?

Then this Photo Editing Workshop is for you!

Dark Sky Astro Photography Workshop

Envy those stunning Dark Sky Astro photos you see on social media?
Want to learn create Dark Sky Astro photos yourself?
Own a camera with manual controls?
Want to create images you're proud to share or put on the wall?

Then this Photography Workshop is for you!

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