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Dark Sky Astro Photography Workshop

Central Otago

Dark Sky Astro Photography Workshop

5pm to 10pm

Central Otago

With pro photographer, Celia Walmsley, Stagebox Photography

This workshop is about

Getting started in Dark Sky Astro Photography.
Learning the key techniques of Dark Sky Astro Photography 

Creating your first Dark Sky photos or improving your basic Dark Sky photo skills
Creating Dark Sky Astro images that you are proud to share and show off! 
After all Everyone's a Photographer until Manual!

Who it is For

Those keen to get started in Dark Sky Astro Photography - no Astro Photography experience necessary
Beginner and intermediate photography enthusiasts with a DSLR, mirrorless camera or camera with manual controls
Attendees of my Learn Your Camera workshop
Those who have done a wee bit of Dark Sky Astro Photography but have got stuck or want to pick up tips
NB: This workshop is not for cell phone photos or cameras with no manual features

Workshop Investment

$165 per person

(Yes Student Discount Available)
Small group learning so book early

What We Cover

This is a combo of a bit of class learning and the rest under the stars

  • We start on sundown with learning the fundamentals of Dark Sky Astro Photography and setting up your camera and gear
  • We then head out to the night sky to photograph
  • We return to the warm regularly to warm up and review your photos

We cover:

  • Camera set up, location, gear 
  • Camera settings - using manual controls 
  • Composition
  • How to get sharp focus on stars
  • What makes a Dark Sky Astro image jump out at you
  • Lenses for Dark Sky Astro Photography 
  • Tips for different situations
  • Practice with your camera

What you'll achieve

  • Be able to take Dark Sky Astro Photography on your own
  • Learn the fundamentals of Dark Sky Astro photography 
  • Understand the gear needed
  • Trouble shooting
  • Eye catching Dark Sky Astro images you're proud of
  • Photos you'll want to share and and put on the wall
  • Boost in confidence in your photography skills!
Cost: $165 per person
Central Otago
Time: 5pm to 10pm

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What You'll Receive

Full-evening (5 hour) workshop  
Hands on practice 
Comprehensive workbook
Experienced tuition from professional photographer, Celia Walmsley
Learning in a small group (usually 6 - 8 people)
Hot soup and hot drinks provided
Personal attention
Loads of fun and laughs

Got a question?

Please fill out some details and your questions below and I'll be in touch real soon.  Love to see you on the workshop and see your photography grow.

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